violence against women and children

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Sexism runs like a red thread through history and the everyday life of women. The trivializing definition of "disadvantaging women" is far from sufficient for a male-dominated culture that constantly exercises dominance and violence against women.

Sexism is maintained and supported by the gender-specific division of labor between men and women: Because of their ability to bear children and the associated pregnancy, women in a patriarchal society are assigned the area of ​​household chores and child-rearing. They are also responsible for the recreation of the man, he should recover in the family in order to maintain his socially recognized work capacity. At the same time, the educational work and housework of the women is given little importance, it is done unpaid. The allocation of women to the domestic sphere results in increased availability and powerlessness: women have no access to the public sphere, to financial resources, to political power.



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