Which costs are covered by statutory health insurance?

based on the German version "Welche Therapieverfahren und Heilmittel bezahlt die Krankenkasse?"



Psychotherapy in form of behavioral therapy, depth psychology and analytical Psychotherapy is completely being paid by the statutory health insurance. Cost coverage is only possible if the therapist has a health insurance licence.

  • Behavioral therapy: For example Cognitive behavioral therapy or dialectical behavior therapy.
  • Depth psychology and depth psychology-based psychotherapies: For example talk therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy and gestalt therapy
  • Analytical Psychotherapy 

  • Systemic therapies: For example family therapy 



For example occupational therapy and services of physiotherapy. The services are provided on medical prescription by approved service providers. Insured persons  must pay 10% of the selling price for therapeutic treatments as a co-payment.


Health courses:

German public health insurance companies reimburse up to 80 % of the fees.


Rehabilitation sport (Reha-Sport):

Reha sport is prescribed by the doctor.