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The Application for psychotherapy

This translation based on the German version Der Antrag einer Therapie


Cost coverage by a statutory/public health insurance company is only possible if the therapist has a health insurance licence.

  1. Psychotherapeutic consultation hours (psychotherapeutische Sprechstunde): Since 2018 each patient must first have had a preliminary consultation with a psychotherapist during consultation hours before they can begin psychotherapy. There it will be clarified whether psychotherapy is necessary. The "Kassenärztlichen Vereinigungen" supports you to find a suitable psychotherapist for such consultation hour. You can call the "Kassenärztliche Vereinigung" under the  telephone number 116 117. 
  2. Probationary sessions: The so-called Probatorik follows, that is usually 4 sessions a 50 minutes for diagnosis, setting of therapy goals as well as the estimated number of sessions needed. The therapist will make an application for therapy to your insurance if you want. Or you change the therapist and you get further four probationary sessions.
  3. Medical Consultation Report:  Generally the consulting doctor is a psychiatrist. With consultation reports, there is generally a brief history of the patient's illness/disorder and also an exam if the consultation needs that information. The end of the consultation will cover a strategic plan that the doctor would like to happen in order to solve the patient's illness, for example with psychotherapy. You will need a special form which your therapist will give you.

  4. The application: Before the therapist will make an application for therapy to your insurance, you have to made at least two Probationary sessions.





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